A Message to the Public

I took this picture at Pickett’s Mill Battlefield State Historic Site.  This is an excellent example of cultural resource management!  Notice that the sign specifically engages the public.

Many greetings to the interested public, enthusiasts, and professionals of cultural resource management who have decided to explore the subject of battlefield preservation and join the ranks for the continuous struggle for these precious sites and landscapes.  More importantly, the intention of this project at present is to productively engage the public in such a way that creates awareness and interest in the topic of battlefields as cultural resources.  The public as a whole is the very machine that drives cultural resource management in this country.  Your contributions to education, engagement and participation are endless, massive, and the most valuable asset to maintaining cultural heritage in this nation.  If interested, please take the time to explore this blog, ask questions, follow the links that are provided, and learn how to you can advocate for battlefields as cultural resources.  Huzzah!

– Jim